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Hege water is the finest quality of natural mineral water procured from the Himalayas. It is nourished by nature. It has all the essential minerals and micro nutrients. It's the right Choice.

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Hege Water

Benefits of Natural Mineral Water

Natural Mineral Water Benefits

Natural mineral water is made by nature. It is directly sourced from underground aquifers near Mountains or Natural Springs that are Pure. Natural Mineral Water consists of essential minerals such as Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Potassium and the other integral micronutrients that are naturally absorbed by the water as it flows through layers of rock, soil, and sediment through its journey. 

There are several benefits of consuming Natural Mineral Water. ​

Promotes bone health

Consumption of natural mineral water helps in promoting bone and dental health, healthy nails and reduces the risk of low bone mineral density, bone and teeth related problems during ageing.

Helps in the regulation of Body Fat

Natural Mineral Water can regulate the ratio of fat in our body. Minerals in the water speeds up the metabolism process which helps in losing weight.

Regulates the blood pressure

Natural Mineral Water is very helpful in relieving fluctuations in blood pressure. Minerals are essential in regulating the blood flow and help keeping blood pressure at a healthy level and avoid Cardiovascular Diseases.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol

Fats that generally accumulate in the capillaries and tissues cause an elevated level of cholesterol. Minerals in water can duly eliminate elements that cause rise of bad cholesterol.

Healthy Skin

Natural Mineral Water contains minerals which adds glow to the skin. It helps in hydrating the skin, maintaining its moisture value. It maintains the elasticity of the skin. It further helps in preventing acne and related problems.

Important for hair growth

Consumption of Natural Mineral Water aids hair health as it contains Magnesium and Calcium. These two elements are very useful in preventing the breakage of the hair strands and stimulating growth. It also avoids dryness and itchiness of scalp.

Regulates the acid level in our body

Minerals in water produce necessary digestive enzymes. They ensure a proper digestion and the prevention of problems such as bloating, constipation etc. And as the water is naturally alkaline, balances the acid levels in the body.

Reduces Fatigue and avoid Supplements

As Natural Mineral Water continuously replenishes the minerals in the body, reduces the fatigue and tiredness and keeps the body energetic throughout.

Good for the brain health and memory

The minerals and micronutrients contained in the natural mineral water allow efficient functioning of electrodes present in the brain. Helps in memory and retention; it increases alertness and helps in fighting stress.

Maintenance of muscular health

The Magnesium and Potassium content in the Natural Mineral Water is extremely important for maintaining of the muscular health.

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