The Hege Story

A journey that begins with traversing the mighty Himalayas, enriched with minerals while traveling through layers of Himalayan rocks, neither touch nor processed, just nature as is, working its magic to create water the way it’s meant to be. Nurtured by the Himalayas, sourced by Hege. To make a conscious choice of living the healthy way.

Nurtured by  Nature

Every drop from the sunkissed mountains finds its way into the lap of Himalayan bedrocks. Here’s where mother nature works its charm. Hege transl: meditation, divine, energy Hege brings to you natural mineral water from the Himalayas. Our water gets a distinct natural taste from its 20 - year journey. Enriched by nature itself, Hege water has essential minerals   like magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate and micronutrients  that contribute to the health and well-being of your family. With Hege, change the way you see water as just a thirst-quencherand make a conscious choice of living the healthy way!

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