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Our water expert will test for the TDS, pH in your drinking water and also will hand you over a Microbe detection Vial which will indicate the bacteria in your water.


       Terms and Conditions:

  •  All the tests performed are not by certified technicians or professionals but by well-trained executives.

  • Test will be perfomed by equipments or instruments which are used domestically to know the approximate thumb rule results but won't be accurate results.

  • The tests will be performed only on one variant of water per test.

  • Tests will be conducted as per the schedule allocated as per demand but will be attended at the earliest.

  • If needed we will suggest you a professional certified Laboratory for you to get a consolidated lab reports.

  • This test only determine the overall well-being of your drinking water and further tests can be done at a third party laboratory as per your interest.

  • This test is only being done by "Hege - Natural Mineral Water" for the purpose of awareness generation about drinking water.

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