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The Union Environment Ministry of India has issued a draft notification that seeks to effectively prohibit from installing domestic reverse osmosis (RO) systems at homes in Delhi. RO systems not only end up wasting a lot of water but also filters out calcium, zinc, magnesium, which are essential salts needed by the body. 

Mineral water comes from natural underground reservoirs and mineral springs, giving it a higher mineral content than other water and hence many health benefits. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), mineral water must have a TDS of 250 and also prohibits manufacturers from adding artificial minerals to their products.

Natural mineral water is a valid choice in everyday life to satisfy water needs of body and health benefits because of its Mineral composition. This water is beneficial for different physiological and pathological conditions like Gastrointestinial stimulus, Skeletal Health, CVD (heart) and overall health.

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Drinking water should contain minimum levels of certain essential minerals. Absence of these minerals in water i.e drinking low mineral or low TDS water leads to many health problems like BP and heart ailments, low bone density, fatigue, development in kids and even some types of cancer.

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